Issue 2016-06The Righteous Under Severe Trials

When God is Quiet

When God Is Quiet - PC06One of the most awesome poems written is titled, “Footprints in the Sand”. The author is unknown but its impact is powerful! What the writer captures would no doubt go viral in our day. He/she captures an individual in the depth of one of life’s painful struggles. It is a classic, “Where are you God when I need you most?” moments! Ever had one of those?

The unknown Author delivers the utmost climax by revealing to its reader that the individual in the writing has it oh so wrong! Like many of us, when in the grips of life’s struggles, we are convinced that God, who promised never to leave us, nor forsake us…. has done just that! In this disturbing moment, God has abandoned us! We’ve all been there! When all is well, we hear and sense that God is right there.

Not sure who penned this quote but it is so fitting: “Don’t doubt in the dark what God shows you in the light”. The individual that is captured in “Footprints in the Sand” did what we all tend to do when life is tough. Only to discover that what they thought, was not even the case. Seeing two sets of footprints reduced to one set when enduring tough times, convinced this individual that God had abandoned them. What an awesome flip of script! The one set of footprints belong to God. Not to the individual that thought they had been abandoned. They were actually safer than they believed because they were being carried by God, not abandoned by Him.

Where does your mind travel when God is quiet? I must admit, it can be a little scary the first few times you encounter the shutting up of heaven. Walls have never closed so slow. Feelings of despair floods your inner most being. Panic, heart palpitations, sweaty palms and racing thoughts all work in concert to rattle your declaration to stand strong. Remember Peter? Lord I will never deny you!

When God is quiet, it is important to hear His word. What? Yes, when God is quiet, it is very important for His children to recall and live close to His Word. God speaks through His word. I’ve heard God speak audibly to me and sensed the leading of His Holy Spirit during decision making times. (The Holy Spirit speaks in line with scriptures) During the times of my most desperate struggles turning to scripture kept me in tune with His voice. So when God seems quiet, pick up His word and you will hear Him speak.

Be Blessed

Pastor Gary L. Pleasant

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