Code Blue X2 eBook

Code Blue x2 is a heart wrenching eye-witnessed story of how Pastor Pleasant’s lovely wife coded twice only to be restored by the Power of God. It is a must read book. Warning: Do not read this book without a box of Kleenex.

About the Author

Gary L. Pleasant is the founding Pastor of New Life Christian Church located in Florissant Mo. He is also the author of “Against the Grain“, “Noah Tried Nobody Listened will History Repeat Itself“, “Abba Father, The Family Needs You“, “Father Is Watching” (for any parent who has lost a child), “They Did What Was Right In Their Own Eyes“, In this book Pastor Pleasant describes a picture of a nation headed for chaos and martial law (published 2015).

He also is Self-Publisher of “Snapshots” a series of short stories that will challenge you to your core. Pastor Pleasant has been married to his lovely wife, 1st Lady Karen J. Pleasant for 31 years. They love ministry, working out or just being with one another.


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