“Tell the World Global Vision”

Greetings, my name is Gary L. Pleasant, Senior Pastor and Founder of New Life Christian Church, located in Florissant, MO. On Monday January 11, we will be installing two billboards in Missouri (near St. Louis Lambert Airport and by the Midrivers Mall exit in St. Charles, Missouri) declaring a much-needed move of God in the United States of America and throughout the World.

We are yet facing tumultuous times (predictions of 5,000 deaths per day). As we closed out the year 2020, the Lord spoke into my spirit that 2021 would be the Year of God. Taken from Exodus 6:1, “God spoke to Moses and informed him that “Now He Would See!” This promise to Moses came as he was facing challenging times. As Exodus Chapter 5 closes out, he is literally shouting out at God concerning the call on his life and disappointments he had encountered.

At this crisis in Moses’s life, God responds with a powerful promise (Now You will See). This promise will be displayed on Billboards in every State that desires to see this move of God.

We are asking all that realize nothing short of a “God intervention” can turn our world crisis around to join us in getting this message out! Just as the angel saw the blood on the door post (in the Old Testament), these billboards will symbolically be a “Cry” to God, to return the State back to Him and heal its citizens. God spoke to my heart and said, “when I instructed Noah to build the Ark, the people laughed.”

They were not laughing when it started to rain. Throughout scripture, God always did strange things (to the natural mind) to advance His purpose on the earth. Our Savior was born of a virgin…….Get what I mean. He takes the foolish things of the world to confound the wise.

How do I get involved?
• Go to Givelify (or download the App), search New Life Christian Church in Florissant MO.
• Mail checks to: New Life Christian Church, 1170 Wiethaupt Rd, Florissant, MO 63031
• Use the “Donate” page on https://nlccstl.org/donate.

Please include the following message with your contribution; “Tell the World Campaign” or “Now We Will See“.

Each billboard will remain up for 30 days! (New Life Christian Church is a 501c3 ministry. Business donations are welcomed.)

We’ve had enough bad news, it is time for some God News. Watch for miracles, signs and wonders!  Look for the 12 Stones (look this up) – MSW.



Pastor Gary L. and Lady Karen J. Pleasant,


“Happy Resurrection JESUS!”

This billboard will be displayed in Michigan, Georgia and Colorado during the Easter Season.


Happy Resurrection Day Video

Featuring Generald Wilson
and the Kenya Choir in Swahili.


Keeping Track- Tell The World Campaign

  1.  Goal: Put a Billboard in All 50 States of the USA.
  2.  Purpose: Turn America back to God.
  3.  Sinage: “Now We Will See” Exodus 6:1 (With all that is happening globally, we need nothing short of a MOVE OF GOD!)
  4.  12 Stones: Biblicly marks a move of God – Old Testament. “Heal Us God, were BROKEN”
  5.  Duration: Each Billboard will display for 28 days.
  6.  Amount Needed: $115,000.00
  7.  Average cost per sign: $2,000 to $2,500 (Some markets are more than double in price for billboards).
  8.  Current States Displaying: 3 
  9.  Displayed So Far: 8
10.  Donations to date: $11,335.00

Ways to Support:

A.  Sponsor a State. Your name or Family’s name will be posted on website as Sole Donor for the Designated State. (What a witness!!)
B.  Donate through https://nlccstl.org/donate See our Vision Statement. The Donate Buttons are located on the “Donate” page.
C.  Use “Givelify” to make a contribution. Download the app. Search for “New Life Christian Church Florissant Mo”.
D.  Use “Cash App” to make a contribution.  Code: $PNLCC.
E.  Corporate donations are gratefully accepted. We are a 501c3, so your gift is probably tax deductible. (Check with your tax advisor.)
      Your company name will be displayed as sponsor.

Help us turn our world back to God.


Pastor Gary L. and Lady Karen J. Pleasant,

Help us get the Word out across the United States.
We MUST turn to God as a nation,
CRY OUT and ask for God’s forgiveness.
Doing so will bring the Grace of God which will heal our land.
Your support makes this possible

The following states have cried out to God
and erected a billboard:

Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, Arkansas, Texas, Michigan, Georgia, Colorado

We can use your help!

Click to See Billboards

Click Here to see billboards that have been displayed.

Givelify website
Cash-App website
See our Donate page for information on using Givelify and Cash-App.

Video from 1/12/21 Facebook post explaining God’s purpose for the billboards and how they will be implemented.

The only way things will turn around for America is for us to CRY OUT from all 50 STATES!!! “Now We Will See” The Righteous Cry, and the Lord heareth, and delivereth them out of all their troubles. Psalm 34:17 –  nlccstl.org


Scattered all across America are people that are broken, hurt, and lost. Embracing these people through the love of Jesus Christ brings healing. This healing causes them to become whole and complete. A continued duplication of this process forms the body of Jesus Christ

Our Mission

To nurture the whole person by the Word of God through the Spirit of God. Bringing them to their fullest potential in God. This mission will produce better men, women, and children. Our commitment to the vision will bring this mission to pass.

Our Vision

A church that worships God in true holiness. Instructing God’s people in His written word. Continued prayer, keeping in communication with the Father at all times. Evangelizing this world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. A church that is focused on God and not man.

Pastor Pleasant - Lady Pleasant

Gary L. Pleasant, Senior Pastor & Founder
Lady Karen J. Pleasant, Pastoral Assistant

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