Turn the USA Back To God

Greetings, my name is Gary L. Pleasant, Senior Pastor and Founder of New Life Christian Church, located in Florissant, MO. On Monday January 11, we installed two billboards in Missouri (near St. Louis Lambert Airport and by the Mid-Rivers Mall exit in St. Charles, Missouri) declaring a much-needed move of God in the United States of America and throughout the World.

We are yet facing tumultuous times (predictions of 5,000 deaths per day). As we closed out the year 2020, the Lord spoke into my spirit that 2021 would be the Year of God. Taken from Exodus 6:1, “God spoke to Moses and informed him that “Now He Would See!” This promise to Moses came as he was facing challenging times. As Exodus Chapter 5 closes out, he is literally shouting out at God concerning the call on his life and disappointments he had encountered.

At this crisis in Moses’s life, God responds with a powerful promise (Now You will See). This promise will be displayed on Billboards in every State that desires to see this move of God.

We are asking all that realize nothing short of a “God intervention” can turn our world crisis around to join us in getting this message out! Just as the angel saw the blood on the door post (in the Old Testament), these billboards will symbolically be a “Cry” to God, to return the State back to Him and heal its citizens.  God spoke to my heart and said, “when I instructed Noah to build the Ark, the people laughed.”

They were not laughing when it started to rain. Throughout scripture, God always did strange things (to the natural mind) to advance His purpose on the earth. Our Savior was born of a virgin…….Get what I mean. He takes the foolish things of the world to confound the wise.

How do I get involved? 

  • Go to Givelify (or download the App), search New Life Christian Church in Florissant MO.
  • Mail checks to: New Life Christian Church, 1170 Wiethaupt Rd, Florissant, MO 63031
  • Use the “Donate” page on https://nlccstl.org/donate.

Please include the following message with your contribution;
“Tell the World Campaign” or “Now We Will See”.

Each billboard will remain up for 28 days! (New Life Christian Church is a 501c3 ministry. Business donations are welcomed.)

We’ve had enough bad news, it is time for some God News.  Michigan, Georgia and Colorado billboards are headed your way.  So is God!  12 Stones (look this up) –MSW

Pastor Gary L. Pleasant,


Now We Will See - Exodus 6:1

Happy Resurrection Jesus

This billboard will be displayed on all active locations during the Easter Season.  This includes Colorado, Georgia and Michigan.

Happy Resurrection Day

Video by Pastor Pleasant, the New Life Christian Church media team and featuring Generald Wilson and the Kenya Choir from Swahili, Africa.

States With Billboards


Two billboards were purchased for the St. Louis, MO area, near Lambert Airport and by the Midrivers Mall I70 West Exit in St. Charles.

Displayed:  1/11/21 to 2/8/21.

Mid-Rivers Mall Drive

On westbound I-70 just west of Mid Rivers Mall Dr. This board reads into the fast growing areas of O’Fallon, Lake St. Louis and Wentzville. These areas are high in residential, retail and other commercial activities.

Google Map
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I70 E/B Lambert Airport

On E/B I-70 just west of the St. Louis Airport and the Hwy 170 inner belt. 

Google Map
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Displayed:  1/18/21 to 2/22/21.

Edwardsville - Glen Carbon, IL

In the Metro East near Edwardville and Glen Carbon at Illinois Route 3 on the left side of Highway I270. (Click on picture to enlarge.)

Google Map


The billboard in Kansas is located in Kansas City, KS, near Highway I70 west at the 18th Street exit.

Displayed:  1/24/21 to 2/21/21

Kansas City, KS

This location targets the western suburbs of Kansas City. Also reaches traffic heading to the Kansas Speedway, T-Bones Stadium, and the Village West Entertainment District.

Google Map

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Located in Jonesboro, AR.

Displayed:  2/24/21 to 3/24/21

Jonesboro, AR

 Located at a the cross roads of Jonesboro, Caraway Road and Nettleton Blvd. Very slow moving traffic in the heart of the city. Near McDonald’s, TJ Maxx and other national retailers. Can be view from three points of the intersection.

Google Map


The billboard in Texas is located in the city of Arlington, 8 miles south of the Dallas-Fort Worth airport.
Displayed:  3/3/21 to 3/31/21

Dallas, TX

Located in Arlington just north of I-30, traveling nouth on Highway 360 towards the DFW International Airport.

Google Map


High traffic, corridor of I-94. Located south of St. Clair Shores, Grosse Pointe and Harper Woods.

Displayed: 4/23/21 – 5/21/21

Detroit, MI

This digital display RHR is positioned along a high traffic, corridor of I-94. Located south of St. Clair Shores, Grosse Pointe and Harper Woods for traffic heading west across the metro or into downtown for work and play.

Google Map



Displayed: 4/23/21 – 5/21/21

Atlanta, GA

Digital billboard on the south side I-285 reading to eastbound traffic heading to I-75 from I-85 targeting south Atlanta.

Google Map


Reaches consumers heading east on the main commuter route from Longmont. Captures drivers immediately before they merge onto I-25 North towards Fort Collins or I-25 South towards Denver. Located near education, lodging and health care facilities.

Displayed: 4/2/21 – 4/29/21