Books By Pastor Gary Pleasant

Code Blue X2

Pastor Pleasant’s wife Karen
was in the hospital,

and was brought back
by the power of God.


Self-publishing author Gary L. Pleasant, with his descriptive writing style, takes readers on a journey in his sixth book as he shares how he witnessed his wife die twice, only to see her restored. His wife, Karen, died for four minutes and then six minutes, and suffered no brain damage. Medical staff declared her a medical miracle. Pastor Pleasant invites readers straight into the hospital room with him as he relives the life-changing event. “I felt as though I was right there,” exclaimed reader Jean Nashville.

Included in this riveting book is the appearance of an “Angel.” The author leaves it up to the reader to determine if there was a visitation from heaven. Warning: Do not read this book without a box of Kleenex. You are sure to experience many emotions as you turn each page of Code Blue X2. Pastor Pleasant’s passion and faith jump off the pages of the book: “On October 2&3, 2013, I found out just how quick you can lose someone. I also hope that this book will inspire many to look to God in the midst of crisis…or just look to Him. Period. He saved my wife’s life! Twice!”

Here’s what people are saying about it:
    This is a must read!
    I cried, rejoiced and laughed!
    A true love story!
    A must read for every couple!
    This must be a movie!
The book includes a personal statement from Lady Pleasant and photos from the hospital stay. It can be purchased here. The ebook version is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, and Sony.

Pastor Pleasant ​is the Senior Pastor and Founder of New Life Christian Church, Inc. in Florissant, MO. He is the author of “Against the Grain,” “Noah Tried, Nobody Listened, Will History Repeat Itself” and “SNAPSHOTS” (short challenging writings). He is the founder of Little Arrows Child Care and Brothers Keepers Men’s Ministry. He is married and still on his honeymoon with his lovely wife of 25 years, Karen J. Pleasant. Pastor Pleasant is an example of how God can take a person with a broken, crushed life and use them for His Glory.

Against the Grain

While the church is headed for purpose, destiny and dollars, the world is heading for moral collapse.  Jesus commanded the church to enter in at the straight gate, for wide is the gate that leadeth to destruction and narrow is the way that leadeth to eternal life. Jesus declared that few be there that find it.  He makes it clear that few will actually travel the road against the grain.

This book was written for the sole purpose to encourage believers to keep the faith without compromise.  As you turn through the pages of this book you will be challenged to repent, confess and ask God to guide your steps as you travel the road of life.  You will also be encouraged to know that God still supports His Holy plan.  This book cuts across value systems and the need to be tolerant.   So, take your time and meditate through each chapter honestly and allow God to speak to your heart.

Noah Tried; Nobody Listened
Will History Repeat Itself?

It is a known fact that we are a nation that always wait til the lastminute to make changes. There are railroad crossings accross the country that are considered very dangerous. Yet, if you drive up to them there are no barriers are gates. Its only when a little kid is struck and killed that we do something about it.I warn you in this book not to wait until something castostrophic happens before you say yesto Jesus. I’m telling you now, He is soon to come!

Abba Father, The Family Needs You

Father Is Watching

They Did What Was Right In Their Own Eyes