The Righteous Under Severe Trials

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Mr & Mrs Jackson, Camden in Dad's arm and Christopher below

Mr & Mrs Jackson, Camden on Dad’s arm and Christopher below


Resurrection Reflections

Christopher Jackson’s Story

“Come back to me little buddy!”, Christopher’s Dad

On March 9, 2017, I was summoned to our daycare (Little Arrows) by my wife, Lady Karen Pleasant. I was up front in the Church (Our daycare is directly behind our Church building). What I witnessed as I approached the front doors will forever be etched in my mind…. An unresponsive 5-year-old little guy, laying on the foyer floor, his dad pleading for him to just respond; along with a teacher praying life back into his body.

Christopher Jackson is the little guy and the giant of a man is his dad, Mr. Christopher A. Jackson. The praying teacher: Mrs. Deneen Scott.

I would like to take a moment to share some background on the family involved in this miraculous event. Mr. and Mrs. Jackson and their two children Christopher and Camden became part of the New Life Little Arrows family in December (2016). I immediately noticed that they were a tight-knit, loving family. Due to their work schedules, Mr. Jackson normally drops the boys off in the morning and picks them up in the evening. (We need more fathers like Mr. Jackson).

One day, I was observing Mr. Jackson picking up his toddler Camden. I noticed as the teacher was walking Camden down the hall, he (Camden) looked and saw Mr. Jackson standing in the foyer (some 20 feet away). Suddenly, Cam Cam as we call him, with the biggest smile on his face, began to gallop towards his father. Let me explain; both Christopher and Camden have a gallop, shuffle-skip run. As the lead foot hops, the back-foot kicks forward landing exactly where the lead foot was placed. Upon witnessing the son’s reaction to seeing his father, I shared with Mr. Jackson that I wished all children could experience seeing their dads in their lives. To this day, a video plays in my head depicting this father-son encounter. The video simply captures Cam Cam smiling and galloping only to pause and ask the question, why is this little guy so excited? Only followed by a brief pause and the caption “because he sees his dad!” I told Mr. Jackson that their family had something very special! I even encouraged him to keep being a good father.

Christopher Gets Ill (sick)

The first week of March, Christopher was out of the facility due to cold and fever. We inquired about Christopher often while he was out. On March 9th Mr. Jackson pulled up to the entrance of Little Arrows (approx. 10 feet from our door) to pick up Cam Cam. Christopher, too ill to get out of the truck remained in his car seat. Lady Pleasant kept watch on him while his father came inside. As Mr. Jackson was leaving out with Cam Cam, Lady Pleasant, almost trance like, kept her eyes on them. She noticed Mr. Jackson’s countenance had shifted to concern and urgency. He quickly ran Cam Cam back to Lady Pleasant who now, was at the front door waiting on them!

Mr. Jackson hurries back to the truck to retrieve Christopher! As he is getting his son Christopher out of the truck, he looks towards Lady Pleasant and shouts, “CALL 911! CALL 911!” … He now rushes towards the door with little Christopher in his massive arms.  Christopher was unresponsive and his lips were deep purple in color. The following statement was provided by my wife (Lady Pleasant) who was an eyewitness to the whole ordeal. “Mr. Jackson lays Christopher on the floor as he lays right next to him.” Having witnessed the father-son bond that I shared earlier in this article, I am feeling the emotions of the father’s cry for his little boy (I’m Weeping!). Before I share the praying teacher’s role, I want to share what I heard Dad (Mr. Jackson) saying when I entered the school. I quote, “Come back to me little buddy! Come back to me little buddy!”

The Power of a Praying Teacher

Little Arrows is a God ordained child care facility. We operate our organization on Godly Principles. We believe in prayer and the power of God. So, as I entered, I immediately recognized Ms. Deneen Scott positioned on the floor with her hands-on Christopher’s back. She was praying in power of the Holy Spirit. Based on what the medical doctors said, I have no doubt that she prayed life back into Christopher on March 9, 2017. I don’t expect everyone to believe what I am about to share but for those that do, to God be the Glory! When I laid hands on Christopher I literally felt death uncoiling its grip from Christopher’s body.

As I write this article, we are a couple of days from Resurrection Sunday. I am so glad that Jesus rose from the grave! Happy Resurrection Day!

I thank the Jacksons for allowing me to share their Miracle story. Out of respect to the family I will not go into Christopher’s medical condition or what caused this event in their lives.

Finally, I would like to close with a moment that sends chills up my spine. As the paramedics were picking Christopher up and placing him on the gurney, I aided Mr. Jackson up from the floor. Mr.Jackson mustered up the strength to stand, only to drop back down with both hands on his knees. I had a flashback on my own brush with death when my wife coded twice in 2013. I could literally feel and sense the thoughts that he was engaged with: “I can’t believe what just happened!”, “Did what just happened, really happen?”, “I need a moment!”, “Did I almost just lose my son?”, “How could this happen so fast?”, “What if?”, “Thank You God for another chance!”. Based on being in this situation before, I believe those are just a few of what seemed like a million thoughts in Mr. Jackson’s head on that day.

Each day we see Christopher, we all smile because we know, he is a miracle!!!


Pastor Gary L. Pleasant,
Founder of New Life Christian Church
& New Life Little Arrows Child-care Facility


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