All Great Teams Huddle!


H.U.D.D.L.E. was birthed out of the DARK days of unrest in the city of Ferguson, Missouri in 2014.  We are a non-profit group whose aim is to heal and restore communities.

We will accomplish this by working as a team to …

  • create Hope
  • encourage Unity
  • provide Direction
  • guide Development
  • nourish Leadership
  • foster Empowerment

Hope:  no matter how bad things look or get, there is always HOPE!  H.U.D.D.L.E. is a breath of fresh air for the youth of our community.  Instilling HOPE is a top priority of this movement.

Unity:  “Together we stand, divided we fall.”  The power of UNITY cannot be underestimated.  We will show our youth how working together is a powerful tool for life’s challenges.

Direction:  Deuteronomy 32:28 says, “For they are a nation void of counsel, neither is there any understanding in them.”  Contrary to popular opinion, our youth are in desperate need of counsel that will assist them down the road of life.  We are equipped with leaders that are capable of accomplishing this mission.

Development:  Each child has been provided gifts and talents.  Proper ingredients will develop our youth to live out their fullest potential.

Leadership:  Our communities are filled with potential leaders.  We believe spending quality time with workshops, leadership seminars and bringing successful people in to address our youth, will provide the nuggets your child needs to develop into the leader they were born to be.

Empowerment:  A summation of each of HUDDLE’s ingredients will empower our youth to meet life at their next level in the spirit of excellence.

Huddling to WIN!!!

Our Purpose

Before the “no huddle” offense was discovered in the game of football, the Center (the one who snaps the ball to the quarterback) would stand about 10 yards from where the football was placed after the last play.

His job was to call the word “huddle”.  This signaled that all 11 players needed assemble to hear the next play.  Even if the previous play was not successful, all 11 players believed the next play would be.


Join Our Huddle!


Meetings every Tuesday night,
7:00 – 8:00 PM
Ages 2 to 19