I found this article on line Resurrection morning March 27, 2016. I hope that by reposting it someone will be liberated from guilt! The article was written by Richard L. Strauss and is posted on and was originally titled “He Will Abundantly Pardon”.

Be Blessed as you read.

Pastor Pleasant


Free from Guilt!

Richard Strauss bioCounselors are convinced that the overwhelming majority of troubled people who walk into their offices for help are suffering from some degree of guilt which has contributed significantly to their problem, be it a spiritual, emotional, or interpersonal problem.

Guilt has a way of dominating our lives and disrupting our relationships. It preys on our minds, fills us with anxiety and fear, makes us defensive, irritable, and judgmental, drives us to punish ourselves in various ways, and may even make us physically sick. It is one of life’s most destructive emotions.

Not all guilt is true guilt

Not all guilt is true guilt. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish feelings of inferiority, failure, shame, or poor self-image from real guilt. They all register on our minds in much the same way and cause us to say much the same things, such as, “I never do anything right; I make a mess of everything I put my hand to; I can’t get along with anybody; I’ll never amount to anything; I’m just no good.” Feelings like that usually find their roots in our upbringing, particularly our efforts to please a parent who …

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