Celebrating My Beautiful Wife –
32 Wonderful Years –
Love You “Woman”

May 28, 1988 will always be a “Special” day for us! It marks the very moment we began our journey of love together. That’s approximately 384 months, 1664 weeks, 11680 days, 280,320 hours, 16,819,200 minutes and 1,009,152,000 seconds since we said “I DO”. I want the world to know that this has been a wonderful journey.

I would like to thank your Parents for raising such a Precious Jewell.  I’ve always honored the late Elder Eddie L. Richardson Sr. for giving me your hand in marriage.  The love I had for you gave me the courage to ask your father if he would approve of our union. After giving me his blessings, he took some time to share some intricate things about the daughter he called “Woman”.  Through the years, his counsel has benefitted me greatly! Thank you Dad and Mom Richardson. 


When it was announced that I could salute my bride, I put on a pair of white gloves before touching you.  I did this because I wanted you to know that I would always handle you with Tender Loving Care.  I plan on doing this for the rest of our lives. I promised your Dad that I would take care of the “Woman” he released to me.

So many things can be shared but time would not permit it.  So, I’ll share just a few highlights. All the wonderful trips we have taken together (road trips, flights, cruises), are etched in my memory. All the wonderful restaurants (a lot of them) we have dined in are there also (from the 1 star to the 5 star) — just being in all these places with you made them “Special”.  I’ll never forget the cold, snowy day we were walking down Michigan Avenue in Chicago when we stopped in this little cozy coffee shop for some hot chocolate … the sweetest part of this story is seeing your beautiful face wrapped in your scarf, shivering cold, but determined to go to your favorite shopping (favorite past time lol) spots. You’re so brave or just love to shop!

For Richer or for Poorer

I remember viewing our marriage vows during our ceremony.  We laughed because I stuttered over the “for richer or poorer” part (mainly poorer). My family often teased me, saying, “he has no plans for being poor.”  Well … there are some things we just can’t control. Remember when our money was so low we were robbing Peter (who was broke) to pay Paul? I brought you a dozen roses just to brighten your day! Thanks for trusting me during those most challenging days. As I look back now, “We Grew Close” during our most difficult times. A vital part of our solidness stems from the “trying times”. What we did for each other, is who we are today.


Thanks for coming back! Love in sickness and health

Year twenty-five of our marriage was filled with health challenges and character building drama! I was hospitalized for thirteen days with a possible fatal condition. Thanks to BJC and the wonderful nursing staff for helping me celebrate US while I was in the hospital May 28, 2013. Fast forward to October of our 25th year, you were hospitalized the same number of days (13).  During your hospitalization, we encountered the “MOST TRAUMATIC” experience in our lives!  Observing your lifeless body, twice, were moments that will forever live with me.  No one will know the depths of the emptiness I felt while seeing this! Thoughts in moment can run rapid when faced with a crisis.  This event took me to a place I did not want to be.  I came face to face with the fact that living without you would have left me an EMPTY MAN! Thank you for COMING BACK!


These words only touch lightly the Powerful Love Journey we have travelled together.  Today, I want the world to know that Karen J (Richardson) Pleasant has made me the Happiest Man on Planet Earth!  The past thirty-two years have been glorious, God-filled years.

Karen, each day I wake up, I make sure I tell you that I love you, that you are beautiful and that I am glad you married me.  Since marrying you, showing you my respect for your intelligence and giftedness has always been, and will continue to be, a priority of mine. I vow to continue to do the following: open doors for you, walk on the outer side of every sidewalk, take care of your medical needs, protect you from any and all danger and most of all, pray for you daily.

Happy Anniversary and Thank You for 32 Wonderful Years Lady Karen J Pleasant!

Your loving husband,


Pastor Gary L. Pleasant
May 28, 2020

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